The Wright Family Shares Their Amazing “Australian Story”

I just want to share with you this short documentary about the current Women’s World Champion of surfing, she’s Tyler Wright. Tyler is an amazing Australian surfer, who is known for her powerful style and she commitment; in other words she rips when the waves are pumping.

This is also a quite touching and emotional documentary, because her older brother Owen suffered a major concussion and brain hemorrhage back in 2015 while he was practicing for the last event of the year at Pipeline (Hawaii); this was a turner point in Tyler’s career and despite of this, she was able to compete at her best and winning her first world title the following year.

I have to say that I’m a huge fan of the Wright family; especially Tyler and Owen, they’re two of the most talented surfers on the world championship tour. Besides, I’m really happy to see Owen back in the water this season and also with his first victory of the year under his belt. This is so incredible and special for all the surfing community because I’ve heard that Owen was speechless and paralyze for a couples of moths and it almost unbelievable to see him surfing again.


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